Administrative Setup


Shahdol Division:  About Division

            For administrative convenience Madhya Pradesh State has been divided in to 3 administrative divisions. Shahdol Division is geographically situated in the Central part of the Division. It consists of three Districts –  Shahdol ,Umaria ,Anuppur .

The supervisory institution of the Divisional Commissioner has been created to oversee the functioning of various Government offices located in the division. In this division the office of the Divisional Commissioner is situated at Shahdol. 

In this Division the role of this office is- as supervisory head of all the Government Offices situated in the division.

As Divisional Commissioner, this office has been given the direct responsibility of supervising the revenue and development administration in the division. In this capacity the following administrative functions are performed:

  • Ensuring timely maintenance of land records.
  • Review of public grievance redressal system.
  • Supervising the collection of land revenue and disposal of revenue and criminal cases filed before the subordinate offices.
  • Review of public distribution system and functioning of fair price shops.
  • Ensuring timely completion of enquiries conducted under the relevant sections and that of MP Panchayat Raj Act.
  • Conducting annual inspections of subordinate offices and providing them guidance for better functioning.
  • Maintaining Law and Order in the division and coordinating police-magistracy team work.
  • Supervising Jail administration in the division.
  • Conducting periodical meetings and conferences for review and better implementation.
  • Conducting court work pertaining to the appellate and revision jurisdiction.
  • Ensuring implementation of various new schemes launched by the Government of India, State Government for rural and urban areas.
  • Coordination and liaison work in disaster management and relief activities.
  • Training and motivation of the personnel working in the Government offices.
  • Establishing liaison between the public representatives, N.G.Os with the Government functionaries.
  • Introducing new technological and other innovations in administration.
  • Encouraging participative working and culture in Government offices.
  • Coordination and convergence in activities of various Government departments and public initiatives.
  • As a senior Government representative at the division level functions of protocol etc. are also performed.